7 Amazing Finger Knitting Projects

Finger knitting is a fun and productive craft for kids and adults of all ages, allowing you to keep your hands busy while your mind is quiet.

The knitting craft is also a great way to enjoy your free time, and you will be left with a gorgeous rope of yarn that has many uses. 

In this guide, we would cover the basic steps to finger knitting and eight simple projects you can start with.

1. Wreath

You can give visitors a warm welcome or add some yarn beauty to your home with finger knitted wreaths.

Wreaths are a great way of using up the finger knitting and make it into something beautiful. They are useful items, beautiful to display and can be made for a number of seasons throughout the year.

They also make great gifts and can be made year after year which can turn into their own tradition.

To make this, you need:

·         Yarn.

·         24-gauge floral wire.

·         Two wreaths made of Styrofoam.

Now, follow the steps below:

·         Finger knit the yarn using the steps provided earlier.

·         Thread the floral wire through what you knitted by going under one strand for each row, and ensure it doesn’t get caught in the yarn.

·         Wrap the length of wire around the Styrofoam from the end of the finger knitted yarn. The wire’s paddle should be on the other side.

·         Start wrapping the wire with the finger knitted yarn around the Styrofoam until you go around completely.

·         Leave eight inches of wire when cutting.

·         Join the wire at the end to that at the beginning.

For further instructions click here

2. Bunny

You can make an adorable bunny with finger knitting, and although it seems complicated, you can do this project as a beginner.

I love this as it is super cute, fun to do and super simple so everyone in the family can get involved and enjoy the process.

You need the following:

·         Thick yarn.

·         Scissors.

·         Hot glue gun.

·         Glue sticks.

·         Bunny template.

Once you have your supplies, follow the steps below:

·         You can buy a bunny template online or cut yours out from cardboard.

·         Finger knit half of the skein of the yard.

·         Glue the yarn down to the bunny template, staying close to the edge of the bunny. Don’t lose the shape of the bunny,

·         Continue glueing the yarn into the body, leaving the ears for last. Fill up the inner spaces until you’re done.

·         Measure what you need for the ear and glue it in.

·         Glue the tail.

For the full tutorial click here

3. Trimmed Pillows

You can get creative with some gorgeous pillows for your room, or make them as gifts to your loved ones. If you want to finger knit trimmed pillows.

you need the following:

·         Pillow.

·         Yarn.

·         Needle and thread.

·         Scissors.

·         Pins.

Then, you can use these steps to finger knit trimmed pillows:

·         Finger knit yarn long enough to cover all the edges of your pillow.

·         Pin the yarn in place around your pillow so it doesn’t become untwisted.

·         Double up the thread in the needle for reinforcement and stitch the yarn along the seam of the pillow.

·         When you get back to the beginning, unravel the rest of the yarn till it meets the pillow’s corner.

·         Cut off the remainder with eight inches to spare.

·         Insert the tail through the open loops of the yarn and tighten it. Then, weave all yarn tails to make it neat.

For the full tutorial click here

4. Beanie

Whether you want to make a fashion statement or you want to gift someone with a piece of clothing, a beanie is relatively easy to make with finger knitting.

You will need:

·         Yarn.

·         Scissors.

The basic step is to finger knit. After this:

·         Connect the strands of the finger knitted yarn to form a beanie hat. Do this by connecting the two ends through finger knitting.

·         Keep on knitting until it’s large enough for your head.

·         Then, you have to decrease so you form the part that covers your head. To do this, pick up two loops and have three on your pinky, then knit smaller rows.

·         Continue until the top is almost closed.

·         Cast off the wool from your fingers until you have one left. Use that to close the top.

For the full tutorial click here

6. Scarf

You can also easily finger knit scarves, and so it makes for a great first project. You can also wear your scarf everywhere or give it out as a gift. We’ll look at how you can make an infinity scarf.

The materials you need include:

·         Yarn.

·         Scissors.

Now, use the following steps to finger knit a scarf:

·         Finger knit the wool repeatedly until it’s as long as you want.

·         Finish it by transferring the loop from the pinky to the ring finger.

·         Pull the bottom loop over the top loop.

·         Transfer the loop from the ring to the middle finger, and pull the bottom over the top again.

·         Then, move the loop to the index from the middle finger, and pull the bottom over the top loop.

·         Leave a long tail and cut the yarn, then take the loop from your index finger and thread it tightly through the loop.

·         Sew the ends of the scarf together, or tie it.

·         Then, you have your infinity scarf. You can follow these steps to make a normal scarf without tying the ends together.

For the full instructions click here

7. Cowl

Finger knitting can make lots of things for fashion apart from a scarf, and a cowl is a great way to start. You can create a gorgeous cowl whether you’re new to finger knitting or have been doing it for a while.

You need:

·         Yarn.

·         Scissors.

Then, you follow the steps:

·         Finger knit the cowl with the colours of yarn that you want until it reaches your preferred length. The length depends on how thick the yarn is.

·         Leave a tail of about inches so you can tie the ends of the cowl on their own or together, depending on what you prefer.

·         You can add more designs by sewing a button or a flower to the cowl.

·         Trim all loose ends.

When it comes to finger knitting, you should realize that there’s something for everyone. You can find your kind of project on our list here, or expand your knowledge by trying new things once you get the hang of the basics.

Luckily, finger knitting is so easy that anyone can do it, so you don’t have to worry about the craft being stressful.

Newbie or seasoned finger knitter, choose your favourite project from our list and start knitting today.

For the full tutorial click here

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