Finger Knitting Ear Warmers – How To

I really enjoy finger knitting projects! They are easy to do for kids, don’t require any special supplies, and thankfully, isn’t a messy project.

The hardest part of finger knitting is to create something new other than headbands and necklaces. I think finding a purposeful use and direction to go in with finger knitting is great as you and your child can get a great feeling from making something for yourself, friends or home.

Another project that is perfect for beginners is to make ear warmers. Finger knitting ear warmers are super simple and fun to do. You can create something super fun and easy and even add a decoration on to make each one unique.

One of the reasons I like finger knitting (besides being an easy project), is that it provides a worthwhile finished product. Kids can actually use the things they create – like these finger knitting ear warmers.

Instead of working on a project or craft that will just end up in the trash a few days later, finger knitting projects are perfect for kids to make for themselves or as gifts for others.

There’s just something appealing about providing a gift that you’ve created with your own hands. It is also super simple enough that once they get the technique down they can happily keep making until they run out of yarn.

Tools & Equipment

As you might already know, there are very little things you need for this project which makes it so easy to do and simple, especially on a rainy day.

  • Yarn – look for something a little chunkier as these are meant to keep your ears warm in the cold. Alternatively, you can use a thinner yarn and make a couple to sew together at the end to create a warm chunky style.
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle – or a needle with a long wide head to fit your yarn through – though this isn’t essential.


If you haven’t tried finger knitting before head over to learn the basics of finger knitting for beginners. You can learn the 2 strands or 4 strands whichever you find easier.

Step One

Measure your head from the top of your forehead across your ears and round the back. This is to get an approximate size for how long each finger knitting cable should be.

Step Two

If you are working on the 2 strands finger knitting you will want to create 3 – 4 of the knitted cables to create a thick band that will cover the ears properly.

If you are using the 4 strand knitting technique you will only need to create 2 of the knitted cables to make a thick ear warmer.

Make sure they are all approximately the same length so you don’t have any strands handing down at the back.

Step Three

Now you’re going to take two of those ‘headbands’ and weave them together with a length of yarn, connecting each section of loops. I like to use a large tapestry needle (but you can just use your fingers).

Lay your pieces parallel to each other with the yarn ready to thread through. Make sure you create a knot at one end to hold the yarn in place.

Make sure you are threading the yarn through atleast 2 strands of yarn on each side to make sure it is properly in place and secure. Threading through two strands will give the headband extra strength and security while wearing it.

Make sure you pull together the pieces as you go along to create a tight knit and to stop any large gaps happening.

If you have used a thicker yarn you might find it a little harder but if you take your time you can do it and create a nice tight-knit.

Step Four

After you’ve finished with the first two, connect the third ‘headband’ in the same way (and the fourth, if you want your ear warmers to be wider).

Step Five

Remember to tie off each end once you have joined the cables together to keep it from unravelling. You can tuck the loose end in and winding through some of the loops to disguise the end in the knit.

After you’ve weaved all the headband pieces together, take all the strands of yarn at one end and knot them together.

To wear the ear warmers, have your child lift their hair and you can adjust it to fit around their head and ears and tie it together underneath. Or you can pull it on like a hat as the yarn will have a natural elasticity in it.

You can make a little bow from ribbon or use buttons to decorate your finger-knitted ear warmers.

There you have it – a useful project for kids. They’ll be so proud of making their own finger-knitting ear warmers.

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